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Modern families have given up the dernier cri of having a meal together, spending quality time relishing and sharing the home cooked meals and having hearty discussions with family members. With the cutthroat competition, time constraints, availability of hyper-processed foods, and lack of cooking, people bring a huge source of daily calories from alfresco snacks.

People are eating out; they do not sit down but eat in a hurry, and no more sharing or TV meals together are seen. Due to time pressure, people serve their families’ takeaway meals even when they invite others to a get-together, and many admitted they passed off takeaway food as their own for guests as they had no time to cook.

Getting home-cooked meals delivered to your door is an affordable solution for an anytime healthy meal. There has been a surge in food orders for prepared meal service, supported by the food delivery apps having a strong team of delivery executives trying to meet huge customer demands.

Home Cooked Meals Delivery Near Me  

  • The delivery apps like Eat and Deliveroo provide a simple, straightforward food ordering app where you can order home-cooked meals online.
  • The top online delivery marketplaces allow users to access thousands of delectable meals from multiple cuisines prepared by home chefs extraordinaire. With the variety offered on a single platform, the customer does not need to visit and check each restaurant to place orders.
  • You can place an order, and a real-time tracker can track the order’s status.
  • All orders of prepared home-cooked meals are streamlined in one place, and delivery is super-easy.
  • One can choose, compare foods, post assessments and get discounts and deals for every prepared meal delivered to your door.
  • There are multiple payment options and versatile CMS to partner with restaurants and home kitchens to optimise menus and supplement foods and categories.
  • Many buy monthly subscriptions and multiple home-delivered prepared meal plans for regular and special occasions.
  • The instant delivery of fresh, quality, palatable, hygienic, and standard gastronomy prompts customers to repeat orders.

Kitchen Mestro Bring Home Cook Food Delivery 

  • You can order home-cooked meals online to have exciting dinners with the family without going through all the steps of planning, shopping for groceries and cooking
  • Healthy home-cooked meals delivered by home chefs get your family to eat more seasonal fruits, vegetables and nutritious low, calorie, low-oil diets.
  • The prepared meals delivered to your door come with subscription services, and depending on the number of members in the family, one can choose from four or five or two servings.
  • There are multiple categories and ever-changing menus offered. You can also determine different meal plans for each week and include a variety of meals from multiple cuisines for everyone’s choice in the family. You can pick to get diet plans for specific health requirements or go for kid-friendly meal plans or add certain recipes to satisfy fussy eaters.
  • Once you select the meals or the ingredients you wish to add or to keep out, like allergens, you get hot fresh home cooked meals delivered with the information about the ingredients.
  • One can choose simple meal plans, diet plans, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, or get complex street foods. All the items are hygienically packaged, and prepared meals are delivered to your door.
  • You can order family boxes with larger portions for a large family where you get nutritious meals (like gluten-free, vegan, dairy–free and other diet plans) to cater for precise dietary requirements.
  • The huge selection of plant-based recipes and the flexible subscriptions where you easily pause or skip deliveries, filter menus, and scan the instructions on foods where the information related to special ingredients and each stage of the cooking process is mentioned assures you get quality meals. Also, the meals are enjoyed by everyone.
  • Those who prefer vegan meat-free foods get a selection from all organic, eco-friendly ingredients and have multiple delectable treats to enjoy.
  • Even meat lovers get many recipes and culinary miscellanea to enjoy flavourful fares with friends.

High-end Home Chefs Supply Restaurant-Quality Home-Cooked Food

Chefs de cuisines, particularly the high-end home chefs, prepare extraordinary dishes for a wide range of audiences, and the hot prepared meal service continues expanding to new areas. People eat at home more often than at restaurants, inviting friends and family for dinner.

After lockdowns, restaurants are open, but home-cooked family meals are the new practice; off-premises dining is growing, and restaurants are offering family-size meals to meet the new demands.

Most food lovers assumed restaurants had access to premium ingredients and specialised equipment and employed trained staff; therefore, dining out, socialising, and conversing at the table was most cherished.

Public eating has always been seen as a great opportunity, but you do not interact with the people who prepare the food at restaurants.

For home-cooked family meals, you may be invited to someone’s house or invite friends to your place. The dazzling gastronomic delights served by home chefs, the flavours and textures may be different, and the cultural exchange as you eat with someone from a different ethnic background make the experience unforgettable.

Household menus may have several courses of food to allow sharing, with starters, mains and sides, beverages and desserts and meal kits are options offered to families to recreate the magic that dining out can never present.

Meal Kits and Quick Healthy Meals 

Studies show people are ordering desserts and sides more than main courses, and supermarkets, convenience stores, and corners have entered the delivery marketplaces to serve those who want to stay indoors and have healthy home-cooked meals delivered.

The demand for meal kits has surged, and buyers are trying simple recipes to cook without culinary skills to finish at home. Easy-to-assemble meal kits are growing.

Even restaurants present entire meal kits, affordable family meal plans, flexible meal times, and meal sizes for families interested in ordering restaurant-style meals together.

Many are buying hot meals from locally prepared meal delivery services, and the demand for home-cooked family meals has encouraged popular brands to use ghost kitchens.

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